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Event Permit

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ZAB Events and Talents :We provide assistance for obtaining Events permits from the The Department of Economy and Tourism and additional approvals from authorities such as  Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, and Dubai Development Authority. We understand the importance of having all the necessary paperwork in place for a successful event, and we can help you make that happen. With our experienced team of professionals, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands as we are an authorized to apply for DTCM event permits for all kinds of corporate events. Conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and entertainment.


Zab events and talents takes care of it all. we executed event permits across diverse events - from exclusive product launches to large-scale conferences. Our expert guidance ensures stress-free execution and complete DET compliance, so you can focus on what matters most: delivering an unforgettable experience for your guests.


What types of events do I need a permit for?

Entertainment, sport, business, religious and charity events are all event types that require permit from dubai tourism Department {DET/formerly known as DTCM} and  permit from relevant Freezone Authorities {If applicable) such as Dubai development Authority (DDA).

What is DET permit?

A DET permit is an event permit issued by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing or DTCM.

What events types do not require a DET permit?

Event types include:

- Personal events (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, meals, reunions, etc.)

- Internal events conducted by corporates and other entities for the benefit of their employees.

- Events conducted by diplomatic delegations in UAE entities (embassies, consulates, UN entities, etc.).

- Internal events held by schools and universities in their premises for their students or employees.

What is a business event?

A business event is one related to the business sector – including, without limitation, a gathering of sellers and buyers, a promotion of a commodity or service, awareness-raising, an exchange of

information or a discussion of certain subjects of a business or economic nature.


What is a sports event?

A sports event is one which involves the practice of one or more sports, whether at competitive or practise level, which involves professional or amateur participants, which takes place at locations designated for sports activities (playgrounds, halls, etc.) or locations that may be used for such activities (beaches, desert and mountain areas, etc.), and which is open to the public to attend as spectators.  Examples: Football and boxing matches and boat races (except those organised by local, federal and international sports federations).


What is a religious event?

A religious event is one that is held to mark religious occasions or to put forward or discuss subjects of a religious nature. Examples: Lectures, seminars and religious celebrations.


What is a charity event?

A charity event is one that is intended for the collection of monetary or other donations to be used for charitable purposes, or which focuses on matters of a humanitarian or charitable nature, provided that the party organising the function is licensed to do so in accordance with Dubai laws and regulations. Examples: Donation collection, lucky draws for charitable purposes, auctions for charitable purposes.


Do conferences and exhibitions require permit?

All conference and exhibition events require permit regardless of the venue type nature like conference centre, exhibition centre, hotel, and university or school auditorium.


What are the types of performers that require a permit ?

Types of performers on entertainment event are: Acrobatic Performer, Belly Dancer, CD Music Player, Choir, Clown, Dancer, DJ, Drummer, Folkloric Dancer, Maestro, Magician, Oud \ Lute Player, Performer, Pianist, Poet , Show presenter, Singer, Stage/theater Actor, Story producer, String Instrument Player, Speaker.


Do we need to apply for a permit for Training, Meeting, Workshop and Seminar?

If the event open for a public, yes , you need to apply for a permit and if there is onsite registration, e-ticketing barcode is required, in case it’s private for internal corporate employees, permit is not required.

Required Document For Each event Type:-

1 Entertainment Event

. No objection certificate from venue
. Event owner passport copy
. passport and photocopy for each performer. Note Valid passport photograph with white background of each artist/performer on JPEG format/Please note that some Arabic passports have the Issue and Expiry Date information on a separate page in the passport.  It is imperative that all passport copies submitted are valid and must clearly show the Issue and Expiry Dates.

2 Business Event.

. No objection certificate from venue.
. Event owner passport copy.
. Emirates ID if speaker UAE citizen/ UAE resident.
. If Exibition/Product launch:list of all company that participate on the exibition/product launch.

3 Sports Event.

. No objection certificate from venue.
. Event owner passport copy.
. Event breif or sponsorship package.

4 Charity and Religious Event

. No objection certificate from venue.
. Event owner passport copy, Emirates ID, and copy of company trade license.
. Copy for a form of advertising material (if required).
. If auction – attached photo of items.
. Passport copy and photo for ech speaker/lecturer.

5 Entertainment Activity Permit

. passport and photocopy for each performer.

6 Shopping Mall Activity Permit

. Passport and photocopy for each performer.

7 Retail Outlet Activity Permit

. No objection certificate from mall (not yet implement).
. Passport and photocopy for each performer.

8 Private Activity (Notification)

. Event owner passport copy/ Emirates ID

Fees:The applicant is responsible for all costs associated with required permissions and must be paid in advance. Governmental submission and permission fees can be changed by the Government without prior notification, thus should any increase occur, we will inform the Client for payment processing accordingly.

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